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2014-04-09 14:15:01

Some days there just isn't enough time to get everything done that you want to get done. Write for Edge, play Starcraft, write on my book, play some 3DS, work on my programming project, play some Diablo, write something for my blog, play some more 3DS, read Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson (which I highly recommend), play some FTL on my iPad. Some days it takes all my bloody self-control just to put the controller down and get the work done I need to get done on the many other projects that demand my time.

Truthfully though, I want to be gaming. Some days I just need it. And today I'd like to talk about a few of the things I'm playing (and trying to finish) right now.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm (PC)

Lets face it. This is the gold standard of RTS (real time strategy) games. The Starcraft series is everything I want and crave in a RTS and if you haven't played it you should... even if Blizzard will keep you waiting until you're old and gray for the next one.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team (3DS)

Ok, I probably never would have bought this for myself. I got it for my birthday and was very surprised at just how much fun this title is! I understand that all the Mario RPG's are interesting and fun, but I never really believed it. Nintendo really does know how to get the most out of their hardware, and this title makes it shine.

Bravely Default, Flying Fairy (3DS)

Weird name, awesome game. Ladies and gentleman, if you love the Final Fantasy of old, this is it. Square-Enix really did a good job on this, from the story (classic FF) to the amazing visuals and music. You'll want the soundtrack to this game. I'm also a big fan of the mix and match job system that it employs. Another title for the 3DS that I highly recommend.

Etrian Odyssey (3DS)

Yeah, its another title for the 3DS. Look, if you don't have one of these and you like gaming on the go, you should get one. Yeah, your phone can play Angry Birds but it can not match the awesome that is the 3DS. Anywho, Etrian Odyssey is an old school dungeon crawler that uses the bottom screen to let you map out the dungeons. This might sound like work, but its actually a ton of fun. Mapping out a level, marking the mining points and the hidden short cuts is really satisfying. The character customization is also top notch. It is not for the faint of heart though, as the difficulty curve is SUPER steep.

Pocket Trains (iOS)

Don't judge me! Look, that game is CRACK in the palm of your hand and it goes every where with you. Its just a casual time management game, but so help me, I just can't quit it. That and TIny Tower. Nimblebit is a purveyor of digital heroin and they need to be stopped; them and their adorable little bitizens.

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Wii U)

First, yes I have a Wii U. Second it is actually a great system, for all that I play any console aside from my 3DS. Could Nintendo be doing better by their flagship system? Yes. Is it as bad as PS4 and XBox fanboys make it out to be? No. You should all know what Wind Waker is. What you may not know is this game is freaking beautiful in HD. I love playing it just to look at it on my big screen. The music is also a joy to me. Yet another soundtrack that I need.

So, yeah, I'm juggling a lot of things right now. In fact, my 3DS is probably done charging, so I'm going to go play some Dream Team. There's many other games to talk about, but we'll save that for another week. Maybe I'll start working on a list of great things on the 3DS that I've already beat.

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2014-04-30 19:40:44

So I can't contain my excitement about this any longer. I've got some really spectacular news -- a real inside scoop about the happenings around here.

Right now, I'm in talks and in a test-run with a fellow anime/manga enthusiast and artist, who may end up helping me with Edge! If things go well, you may be seeing more beautiful pages and possibly more pages in general too. We met and talked a long while at Tucson Book Festival - and since then we've been emailing back and forth. Fingers crossed. Eventually I'll write up a full introduction for this person if they accept the workload and we can find a common style that looks good together (mixing artists is always a good learning experience in discovering what quirks make up your personal "style"). This artist is very awesome, so here's hoping!!

I've been searching for artists for a long time to help out with the comic. Tasks range from tonework (which I'm perpetually behind on) to secondary panels (which, seriously -- I drew circles with lines instead of people on panel 5 of this page). Just having more artists around keeps me working harder to impress colleagues, but being able to share the responsibilities of drawing would also greatly improve the quality and speed at which Edge can be delivered. I have a lofty goal of releasing a page a day at some point -- something that's actually tenable if I need only draw 2-3 primary panels and do layouts for each page. Well... at least from an art standpoint that's "all" I'd have to do anyway.

So if you or a friend is interested, I'm looking for a total of 3 artists for Edge (including me). It's strictly volunteer work for now, but we're a growing comic so it won't be that way forever! Someday we're going to be an art studio. And it'll be awesome.

- Glenn


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